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That is probably the most enraged I have seen Adeleine. Hope she is ok O:

Why are you killing your grandson?!? His only crime is giving a puck!!! D:

Also you are not being sneaky throwing Ads in your secret pictures >:3

mattyburrito responds:

find out in the next episode of Burrito Son Z lol yea I gotta get better at hiding them

Its the exact opposite of the first one. She is just resting her voice after all that yelling she was doing in the last one.

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Well it is a parody and did get the point across so I did give points for that. I gave even more for having Bobobo in it, he is a rarity to see nowadays. You got potential certainly :D

SuperLME responds:

Awww... thank you very much. :) I watch ALOT of anime, and I put my very best into any flash or Blender game I put together. Your username is very beautiful, are you a girl?

YAY, I beat the game!!! Crazy ending : D For the last two it was so fast..even I was surprised I even managed to get it right at all. :) Matt didn't kill the women, what a gentleman he is... <3

Alright.so the game is a quick way to kill a little bit of time, the ability to skip the intro and the win animations is a amazing way to get straight into the action. That probably is a good compensation for the lack of check-points. Personally I was alright with constantly starting over, I didn't stop until I beat it anyway :) You must have a personal Vendetta or admiration against/for Goku...he just keeps taking a licking, but keeps on kicking. I'm surprised they haven't made him Mecha yet with how many times he has been killed. To sum up...your use of references and your art style are what always make me love your work. Keep up the good work <3

Ok..difficulty wise...It's easy enough that you ALWAYS win, but hard enough you always at least die once. The ammo system really needs fixing..for example while the ammo increasing vest my sniper rifle had 5 bullets in the chamber, 15 in the mag. I shot ONE bullet then reloaded making it 4 : 15 after reloading it becomes 5:10. Is this on purpose or a bug?

Maybe try adding a feature when you pickup the ammo of dead enemies /allies they could, usually by the time I pick up someone elses gun they really do not have much ammo left probably making it a better option to have ammo pickups around that could really help. Personally I give it a 4.5 because this game is a nice way to kill and it is a simple and fun game of endless killing which tends to some players as it has no storyline or anything and you just get right to it.

Good job :)

~Lady C.

mmankt responds:

hey, thx for the review. the ammo system is designed in a realistic manner. when you drop a mag with ammo still in it - it's lost. but i agree that you should be able to pick up ammo from the same guns that are on the floor.

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This really suits Larry. :D
Love it : )

*Wipes a tear from her eye*

Beautiful. ;)

MarkySpark responds:

Thankyou x

Nothing to say but....

Make more plz : 3

25/10 : )

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D'aaaaww I am so proud of him. Give him anything he wants :) he deserves it. I heard that everyday in December they have to "Yank the Tank" everyday...I wonder if she is gonna do the same to him? : >

She looks like the sweetest mom. <3 I haven't been able to stick to the show myself but she is a gem <3

The overall design is amazing and the pose is inspiring. Please keep up the great work <3

I'm just a person that likes to watch and play stuff on NG. :3 At least till I learn to make videos of my own. hehe :D I also dont own this image, it belongs to Artix Entertainment. I'm just honoring it :) Edit: 10/3/2018 Let's make magic

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